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Dr. P. Phillips YMCA Family CenterDr. P. Phillips YMCA Family Center

The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation recognized that the Dr. Phillips community needed a place for area residents to socialize and participate in recreational activities together.  The Foundation approached the YMCA which agreed to establish a facility.   The Foundation leased the current site of the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA Family Center to the YMCA for $1 per year and provided financial support to construct the initial building.  Raising the $700,000 for this first phase was a joint effort of local developers and businesses, community groups, and families and individuals.  The Foundation encouraged development of the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA to provide a gathering place for the community and nurtured this joint effort to create a sense of ownership for community residents.

The first phase, opened in 1985, included a pool, multipurpose room, lockers and an administrative office.  In 1991 the second phase added 20,000 square feet and included a gym, aerobics room, and offices.  The $800,000 needed for this second phase came from a joint effort of the community and The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation.  Dr. Phillips Charities, comprised of The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation and Dr. Phillips, Inc., also provided funding to renovate the ball fields, clear open space for the YMCA, and complete additional parking and access from Dr. Phillips Boulevard to the property.  In 1997,  Dr. Phillips Charities contributed $125,000 for soccer fields, allowing the YMCA to expand leagues and insure more children and families can gather in this positive, healthy environment.   In 1999, Dr. Phillips Charities contributed $1 million of the renovation cost to increase the facility another 16,500 square feet, expanding the entire facility to 33,500 square feet by adding a 7,000 square foot gymnasium, 2,500 square foot teen center and 6,500 square foot wellness area.  In 2007, Dr. Phillips Charities funded over $4.5 million toward the addition of a zero depth pool with the Red Rocket slide, an expansion of the child development center, an expansion of the health and wellness center, additional men's and women's locker rooms, and an additional 100 new parking spots.  Most recently, Dr. Phillips, Inc. has funded another $8.8 million to renovate and expand the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA Family Center to provide space for additional programming in health and wellness and for increased parking.   Together, the partnership between Dr. Phillips Charities, the YMCA, and the community has created one of the finest YMCA facilities in the country.

The impact of the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA on the community is evident by the large number of residents who participate in YMCA activities and sports.  There are also hundreds of children enrolled in swimming lessons, after-school care, summer camps, and many other YMCA activities.

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