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Dr. Philip Phillips Dr. Philip Phillips
Once the largest citrus producer in the world, Dr. Philip Phillips left a legacy that has spanned several generations culminating in the establishment of Dr. Phillips Charities, comprised of The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation and Dr. Phillips Inc. These two distinct funding organizations are well known in Central Florida for their grant support to worthy capital projects and innovative programs of charities that address critical community needs, demonstrate the potential for ongoing community support, and have a significant, lasting impact on the community.

Della Phillips
Della Phillips, the wife of Dr. P. Phillips, was a native of Mobile, Alabama.  During their marriage of 58 years, Dr. and Mrs. Phillips raised two sons, built a successful citrus and commercial real estate business and contributed significant time, talent and resources to the Orlando community. Mrs. Phillips was an accomplished musician, classically trained in piano and music theory. She shared her love for the arts with family and friends, believing classical music and performance provided not only entertainment, but also intellectual stimulation. Dr. and Mrs. Phillips regularly invited world-class artists to perform at their home on Lake Lucerne in downtown Orlando to which they had added a carriage house with living quarters designed to accommodate musicians and a second floor ballroom to entertain guests and host performances. Following each performance, guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet supper. These Sunday afternoon musicals evolved into a major society event in Orlando, where business and community leaders met to socialize and network.

Howard PhillipsHoward Phillips
Howard Phillips, the eldest son of Dr. Philip Phillips and his wife Della, was a Harvard educated gentleman of keen intellect and noble character. During his lifetime, he continued in the direction set by both parents, becoming an astute businessman, a patron of the arts, and benefactor to the central Florida community and its citizens. After the sale of the citrus business in 1954, he managed the Phillips family’s business interests and created the organizational structure to assure that, upon his death, all the assets from the family businesses would be used for charity. Howard Phillips is the one responsible for the on-going philanthropic presence of the Dr. P. Phillips family in central Florida today.  

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